Prove It! Nixon Claims Missouri has 6th Lowest Taxes

Apr 23, 2014 by AFP

Nixon’s Fuzzy Tax Math is Disingenuous to Educators, Taxpayers & Businesses

COLUMBIA, MO – Americans for Prosperity – Missouri drew attention today to Governor Nixon’s false claims that Missouri is a low tax state while advocating for higher taxes at a Columbia school.

While Nixon claims Missouri has the 6th lowest taxes in the nation, a recent study from the non-partisan Tax Foundation shows that Missouri has the 14th highest combined state and local taxes in the nation.  If the Nixon-supported proposal to increase the Sales Tax by one percent passes, it will vault Missouri all the way to the 6th highest combined rate in the nation.

“Once again, Governor Nixon is using fuzzy math to propel the false notion that Missouri is a low tax state when in reality Missouri families and businesses are struggling to keep up with the tax and spend policies supported by our Governor,” said Patrick Werner, Missouri State Director for Americans for Prosperity.  “Americans for Prosperity – Missouri calls on Governor Nixon to defend his statement instead of using scare tactics. We urge him to review the numbers for himself and present the facts instead of pulling numbers of out of the air to support his misguided argument that Missouri is a low tax state.”

Werner added, “Missourians are nickeled and dimed at the cash register as Governor Nixon and his tax and spend friends continue to ratchet up the tax burden on hardworking Missourians while he travels around telling tall tales of low taxes.  The truth is Governor Nixon’s has traveled the state the last two years in opposition to lowering the tax burden while supporting big government programs like Medicaid Expansion which will cost Missourians $515 million dollars between 20014 – 2022.”

Governor Nixon, show us where you find the number 6? 

  • Missouri has the 18th highest top marginal personal income tax rate
  • Missouri has the 39th highest top marginal corporate income tax rate
  • Missouri ranks 13th in personal income progressivity
  • Missouri has the 23rd highest sales tax
  • Missouri ranks 18th in overall tax burden
  • Missouri has the 20th highest individual income tax

“If Governor Nixon has his way, Missouri will join the ‘top ten’ of highest tax states in the nation,” Werner continued. “We will have a higher combined tax rate than notorious high tax states like New York and California. All while he travels the state claiming we have a the 6th lowest tax burden.”

Missouri, which has had hundreds of proposed local tax hikes each year in recent years, is identified by the non-partisan Tax Foundation as having the 14th highest combined tax burden in the nation. The Tax Foundation study also notes that 5 states don’t collect a statewide sales tax and 12 states don’t allow local governments to levy sales taxes.

*For a list of the 2014 Municipal Tax Proposals, please go here.

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