protecting paychecks

Feb 6, 2014 by AFP

Earlier this week, Governor Corbett laid out his 2014-2015 budget in an address to the General Assembly. In his proposal, the Governor set forth his plans to tackle important issues like pension reform, liquor privatization and a merit based education system.

While these are all laudable goals that we would like to see debated this year, the truth is none of these reforms are likely to happen until the Governor champions the passage of Paycheck Protection in Pennsylvania.

You can use
this link to contact your legislators via our action center and let them know that you support Paycheck Protection.

As you know, we have urged the Governor to assert himself as a champion of this much-needed reform, which will provide a brighter future for our Commonwealth. You can read more about it

There are bills in the General Assembly that seek to offer paycheck protection provisions and get the state government out of the collections business. Our tax dollars are being used to collect membership dues and political contributions from public sector unions. It’s time to put an end to this practice!

If you agree, please use
this link to let your legislators know that you stand in solidarity with all Pennsylvania working families and want Paycheck Protection!