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South Dakota Taxpayer Protection Toolkit


What is Amendment C?

Amendment C will require a 60% vote for ballot measures that create/raise taxes, create/raise fees, or spend more than $10 million in the first five years. Read the full text of Amendment C. Read the “pro” statement on Amendment C.

Pledge To Vote YES On Amendment C

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It Should Be Harder To Raise Your Taxes: Amendment C In South Dakota Protects Against Tax Increases

We need a constitutional protection against tax increases on the ballot. Amendment C gives you more control – 60% of voters must agree to pass tax hikes.

Protect Your Hard-Earned Money From Higher Taxes

73% of South Dakotans are concerned about their taxes being increased. Inflation is out of control, and it’s hard to make ends meet. Higher taxes put a strain on hardworking families, seniors on fixed incomes, and small businesses. Amendment C will protect your pocketbook from more taxes.

Defend Against The Tax-and-Spend Policies of Washington

Washington is taking enough of your money, and their policies are making life more expensive in South Dakota. Amendment C will preserve South Dakota’s commitment to fiscal responsibility – low taxes, no state income tax, and a balanced budget.

South Dakota Primary Election Voting Information

Early voting runs from April 22nd to June 6th. Election Day is June 7th.

Tired of Inflation? Hear More About Why South Dakotans Are Voting Yes on Amendment C

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