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Prosperity Across The Prairie

Americans for Prosperity-Oklahoma’s Prosperity Across The Prairie lays out important steps the Sooner State can take to improve the lives of all Oklahomans and make our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Oklahoma is Open for Business

If we want our state to grow, we must create an economic climate that empowers individuals to find fulfilling work and makes businesses and people want to invest in our state. We can make sure Oklahoma is open for business by implementing a standardized license review to evaluate the necessity of government licensing requirements and pass a universal recognition of licensing across states to reduce the burden of new Oklahomans. These steps will remove barriers that prevent people from pursuing their dreams.”

Many local occupations in Oklahoma are overregulated and create obstacles to opportunity. This year, we will support legislation to reform Oklahoma’s cosmetology board, the Home Bakers Goods Act, residency requirements for business licenses, food truck permitting process, and expansion of farmers markets that encourage entrepreneurship and expand business.

Red Tape Watch

Oklahomans deserve to know exactly how taxpayers’ dollars are being spent. In 2019, the Legislature and Governor created the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency, tasked with increasing fiscal transparency and opening the state’s checkbook to citizens. We will encourage our legislature to bring even more transparency to state government by reviewing the role regulations play in our state’s success.

Promoting Real Second Chances

Oklahoma’s criminal justice system should provide public safety and help create second chances for those who have paid their debts to society. We must look at opportunities to make it easier for individuals to successfully return to our communities after they’ve served their time.

This year we will advocate for the implementation of a statute of limitations on long standing warrants, providing state IDs for those leaving the system, and enact a driver’s license suspension reform so that all Oklahomans have an opportunity to be contributing members of their local community.

In addition, we will support legislation that would ensure non-violent, low level offenders are not kept in the same facilities as dangerous individuals. We must focus our resources on incarcerating those who pose a real threat to society, not the overcriminalization of low-level, non-violent offenses.

Improving Access to Quality Care Across Our State

We can improve the health of all Oklahomans by providing increased choice and access to quality care. We will work with lawmakers to seek full practice authority to enable quality professionals, such as nurse practitioners and physicians assistants, to provide care to underserved communities and repeal Certificate of Need (CON) laws that prevent the expansion of long-term care and mental health facilities.

Without reliable access to medical care, families must travel farther, wait longer, and pay higher costs for the health care they need. We will support legislation that allows Oklahomans to access telemedicine services and receive quality in-home care.

We also must not make the same mistake other states have made by expanding Medicaid to cover able-bodied, working-age adults. We must make sure those who are truly in need are not underserved and are prioritized within the Medicaid system. If we do all these things, we can make strides in providing better options for care for everyone in our state.

Educational Opportunities for ALL Oklahomans

All families should have the opportunity to pursue the right educational environment for their children, regardless of income or ZIP code. This year, we will encourage lawmakers to raise the tax credit scholarship cap to give more children the ability to seek alternate educational opportunities. Oklahoma must reform its educational system to also support legislation to expand the Equal Opportunity Scholarship, to ensure the most vulnerable students in Oklahoma have access to the education that best meets their unique needs.

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