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Prosperity Across The Prairie

Americans for Prosperity-Oklahoma’s Prosperity Across The Prairie lays out important steps the Sooner State can take to improve the lives of all Oklahomans and make our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Becoming a Customer-Focused State Government

It’s time for Oklahoma to change how it compiles the budget and tracks how our money is spent. We can start by demanding government departments provide hard costs and sound justifications for every expense. We can also stop using public funds to finance corporate welfares schemes. By prioritizing spending this way, we can set tax policy in a more responsible and less burdensome way on Oklahomans.

Oklahoma is Open for Business

If we want our state to grow, we must create an economic climate that makes businesses and people want to invest in our state. We can make sure Oklahoma is open for business by expanding free market solutions, eliminating onerous red tape, and removing barriers to work, particularly the exorbitant licensing fees and time-consuming requirements that limit entry into certain occupations.

Improving Access to Quality Care Across Our State

We can improve the health of ALL Oklahomans by empowering patients and providing greater choice and access to efficient, quality care. That includes reforms like expanding the scope of practice for nurse practitioners and using managed care to lower costs. We also must not make the same mistake other states have made by expanding Medicaid to cover able-bodied, working-age adults. If we do all these things, we can make strides in providing better options for care for everyone in our state.

Promoting Real Second Chances

Oklahoma’s criminal justice system should provide public safety and help create second chances for people who have made mistakes. We see this through a system of greater transparency that removes barriers such as driver’s license revocation that make it hard for people to pay their debts and become productive, law-abiding members of their communities.

Educational Opportunities for ALL Oklahomans

Every Oklahoma student should have access to educational opportunities that foster their unique potential—whether it be public or private, home school, or anything else. We are committed to enhancing each student’s educational experience through policies that support our teachers through specialized certifications and protect the free exchange of ideas at our higher education institutions.

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