“Promises, Promises…”

Jan 11, 2014 by AFP

Three years ago this weekend, in the wee small hours of the morning, the Legislature temporarily increased the personal income tax by an historic 67% with the promise that it would begin to sunset next year.  Since that time, Illinoisans have sent nearly $20 billion in additional taxes to Springfield.  The result is unsurprising – the state’s spending more than ever before.  But how much better off are you?  Click here to send a message to your legislators.

Illinois suffers from a lack of opportunity, not a lack of taxation.  More Illinoisans are leaving this state than nearly any other & our unemployment’s fourth-highest in the nation.

Springfield faces a decision; do they keep their word and allow the temporary tax hike to expire, thus putting more of their hard-earned money back in people’s pockets, or do they renege on that promise by promoting yet another tax hike in the form of a graduated, or “progressive,” income tax?  Proponents cloak the effort in an argument about “fairness.”  Well, “fairness” would be for our politicians to keep their promise.

Your marginal tax rate was 3% in 2010 and is now 5% as a result of the temporary tax hike.  If Springfield keeps their promise, your rate will drop to 3.75%.  Instead, some would like to see a graduated income tax that would amount to a tax increase on anyone making over $5,000 a year – hardly the rich!

We want to see our neighbors prosper & see Illinois restored to its rightful place as the economic engine of the Midwest.  Illinois doesn’t need higher taxes, we need more jobs!  Tell your politicians you expect them to do what they told us they’d do three years ago.