Press Release: Jane Kleeb and BOLD Nebraska’s dirty little secret

Feb 26, 2014 by AFP
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 26, 2014

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Jane Kleeb and BOLD Nebraska’s dirty little secret

LINCOLN, NE – New information regarding energy consumption by Jane Kleeb and BOLD Nebraska’s “Clean Energy Barn” built in York County along the proposed route for the Keystone XL pipeline actually demonstrates the need for this pipeline says the Nebraska chapter of Americans for Prosperity.

AFP-Nebraska has obtained the energy consumption history report for the “Clean Energy Barn” from the Perennial Public Power District.  The report indicates BOLD Nebraska has been purchasing energy from Perennial for the “Clean Energy Barn” – energy produced by coal-fired electricity plants.

“Jane Kleeb and BOLD Nebraska have a dirty little secret that’s been exposed,” said Matt Litt, state director of AFP-Nebraska.  “Bold Nebraska and Jane Kleeb pledged to use renewable energy sources for this project, yet these renewable sources were not able to meet consumption demands.  The symbol of their movement – the “Clean Energy Barn” – is not self-sustaining and uses the same electricity that homes and businesses in York and other Nebraska communities use: power generated from coal-fired generating plant,” continued Litt.

“Bold Nebraska’s reliance on fossil fuels to operate the ‘Clean Energy Barn’ underlines the point supporters of Keystone XL have been saying all along: we need access to cheap, reliable energy to meet 21st Century energy needs.  And Keystone XL is an essential component to meeting this growing need,” said Litt.

The energy consumption history was obtained from Perennial through an open records request under the public records act, Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 84-712.

According to the information provided by Perennial, BOLD Nebraska’s “Clean Energy Barn” consumed 143 kilowatt hours of energy from September 2013 thru January 2014.  During that same period, 93 kilowatt-hours was produced by BOLD Nebraska’s generator which they claim is supported by a wind turbine and solar panel.  Altogether, BOLD Nebraska purchased 50 kilowatt-hours of energy, an average of 10 kilowatt-hours per month, from Perennial during the five month period since service to the site was initiated.

Jane Kleeb said, in an on-camera interview aired by WOWT Channel 6 (NBC affiliate) in Omaha and KOLN/KGIN Channels 10/11 (CBS affiliate) in Lincoln, the following:

“This barn will not only have solar energy, it will have a wind turbine as well, so it will be powered 100 percent by renewable energy.”

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