AFP-LA Applauds Budget Solution

Feb 16, 2017 by AFP

Common-sense solution will seal Louisiana’s $304 million budget hole.

BATON ROUGE –  Representatives Rick Edmonds and Tony Bacala presented House Bill 8,  a common-sense approach to closing the $304 million budget hole that the legislature is currently focused on.

The highlights of the plan include: the $98 million backfill proposal found in Governor Edwards’ plan, an additional $75 million in spending cuts above the governor’s proposal, $60 million in savings achieved by freezing funding for vacant positions across state government, and $12 million in additional state adjustments.

Americans for Prosperity – Louisiana state director John Kay praised the proposal saying the following:

“Representatives Edmonds and Bacala should be applauded for proposing a thoughtful, common-sense approach to solving the most recent budget deficit that Louisiana finds herself in. This reform-minded approach to state government solves the deficit and explicitly protects those who rely the state’s New Opportunity Waivers.”

“The Transportation Trust Fund is also protected from cuts while avoiding the use of Rainy Day Fund dollars, two things that are important to Louisianans. I urge passage of this legislation by the House of Representatives tomorrow. This is the logical first step in reforming our state budget, which continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.“