PR: Unemployed? Blame the Booker-Obama Agenda

Jan 28, 2014 by AFP

    Unemployed? Blame the Booker-Obama Agenda

The Real Solution To Long-Term Unemployment Is More Jobs, Not More Spending

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ – Americans for Prosperity says Cory Booker needs to put the blame where it belongs for the current unemployment picture: with himself and President Obama.

“Cory Booker definitely should know a thing or two about unemployment,” said AFP state director Daryn Iwicki. “After all he created a lot of it in Newark. When he left the mayor’s office Newark’s unemployment rate was a mind-numbing 13.6%–far exceeding the national average. As mayor he had six years to turn Newark around and instead he only made things far worse than they already were.”

“Cory Booker claims that ‘Congress’s failure to extend unemployment insurance is hurting people like Gerri [Battista]’, but what’s really hurting American workers is the failing Booker-Obama economic agenda.”

The senator has reportedly invited Mrs. Battista, an unemployed resident of Frenchtown, NJ, to be his guest at tonight’s State of the Union address—however, Iwicki suggested that Mrs. Battista should be asking the senator and the president why their agenda is causing more hardship for people like her.

“Mrs. Battista may appreciate the senator’s invitation but she should be asking him and the president why their policies are failing her. Extending unemployment benefits is not a jobs plan. If Senator Booker and President Obama really cared about her economic well-being they would admit their big-government policies are failing her and failing the American people. Hard working Americans just want the opportunity to get a good job and excel. President Obama’s policies have made this American dream harder to achieve.”

“President Obama has been in office for five years and still people like Gerri cannot find work. 3.8 million people have been unemployed for more than 6 months even after the recession has ended – the most of any other recession on record, and the labor participation rate is at its lowest point in more than 30 years,” added Iwicki.

“Clearly, Senator Booker and President Obama are more interested in pursuing their utopian, ideological vision rather than actually making things better for people like Gerri.”

“After five years, the American people are growing tired of more empty promises followed by the same disappointing results. Americans are yearning for a jobs plan that works, not more short-term political band-aids and more government spending,” concluded Iwicki.

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