Please tell us your story!

Mar 4, 2014 by AFP

TAKE ACTION — Tell us what ObamaCare is doing to YOU!

To All Arizona Health Care & Health Insurance Consumers:

At Americans for Prosperity, we are very concerned about the negative impacts that ObamaCare is going to have on various groups of people: seniors on Medicare, the working poor, the employees and owners of small businesses, younger Americans, and breadwinners who are hoping to find affordable health insurance for their families. We fear that the ObamaCare train wreck is going to hurt a lot of people.

To stop ObamaCare, we need to tell the stories of the people who are already being hurt by the legislation. You can help by telling us your story – and please forward this email to people you know who may have been hurt by ObamaCare. AFP has already profiled some of those stories in television ads around the country. (Read Julie’s story.)

Here are some of the stories we need to hear from people:

  • People whose health plans were dropped because they were not “grandfathered” under ObamaCare. (By the way: I am one of those people. Obama lied to me personally when he told me that if I liked my plan, I could keep it. Period.);
  • “Twenty-Niners” and other employees who have seen their hours cut to less than 30 per week, because their employers cannot afford ObamaCare’s expensive new insurance mandates;
  • Workers and retirees ages 50 to 64, whose employers or former employers are looking at dropping their insurance plans because those plans are going to become unaffordable under ObamaCare;
  • Low-income families on Medicaid/AHCCCS that are having trouble finding doctors who will see them in a timely way, or who have had to go to the emergency room because they were on very long waiting lists or couldn’t find any primary care physicians or specialists who would take Medicaid patients;
  • People who have lost their private insurance and been pushed onto Medicaid – these people may have been dropped from high-quality private insurance because of ObamaCare, and are now going into Medicaid (AHCCCS), which is a second-class system of government-controlled health insurance;
  • Persons living with pre-existing conditions who are concerned that even though they are now “covered” by an insurance plan, they may soon lose access to high-quality medical services;
  • Seniors who are having trouble finding primary care physicians and specialists, or who find themselves waiting longer and longer for medical services, as doctors retire early or flee the Medicare system; and,
  • Medical professionals who must deal with increasingly crowded waiting rooms, over-used emergency rooms, and stifling bureaucratic paperwork.

Please email me your story, and be sure to let me know if any portion of your story (or your name) needs to remain confidential.

For Liberty,

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity