Please Return to Earth, and Colorado, Mark Udall

Mar 10, 2014 by AFP

Climate “Alarmathon” Shows Senator is Out of Touch with Real-World Colorado

DENVER – Dustin Zvonek, who leads Colorado’s largest grassroots free-market group, today chided Colorado Sen. Mark Udall for participating in tonight’s U.S. Senate climate change “all-nighter,” while common-sense Coloradans back home are confronting more earthly concerns, like where to get a job, how to pay utility bills and what they’ll owe Uncle Sam when they file their tax returns next month.

Tonight’s event, which AFP derides as an “Alarmathon,” is tied to no particular piece of pending legislation or action, raising questions about timing and motive. Udall’s participation comes just weeks after he traveled to California for an intimate meeting with Al Gore and billionaire climate movement financier Tom Steyer, leading some to suggest that the climate event is being staged to please a major donor of Democrats who toe the alarmist line.
But Zvonek said the worst thing about tonight’s media event is how disconnected Udall seems from the down-to-earth worries of average Coloradans.

“At a time when most Coloradans are worried about how they’ll get along, and what the future holds, given the sad state of the nation’s economy and fiscal situation, it’s just stunning that Senator Udall would be wasting Senate time, along with a Who’s Who of that chamber’s most liberal members, to spend a night trading in crackpot climate theories,” said Zvonek. “Climate change rates very low on the list of issues most Americans are really concerned about, yet Colorado has a senator who would prefer to deal with pie-in-the-sky theories than more down-and-dirty issues, like how we deal with the Obamacare mess, how we get the economy moving again, where we find the money to pay for Washington’s irresponsible spending and borrowing.”

“Maybe the climate change we need most to see is the ideological climate inside the U.S. Senate,” concluded Zvonek, “where senators like Mark Udall spend the night in frivolous pursuits, while serious domestic and foreign policy problems go unaddressed. Come back to Earth, Senator Udall; your state and nation need leaders with their feet planted more firmly on the ground.”

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