Parents Speak at Charter School Bill Hearing

Feb 26, 2014 by AFP

Yesterday, Sen. Lautenbaugh’s LB 972, had its hearing. LB 972 would allow for a pilot program to try out charter schools in Omaha. It would be limited to five schools with no more than a 1,000 students total.

Omaha parents and school choice advocates, including AFP-NE, came out in support of the measure. Many, if not all, parents spoke about the desire for more choices of options for education. Public charter schools would be a great means to do so.

Matt Litt, AFP-NE Director, told the committee that

“We aren’t naive that this [public charter schools] is a panacea. This isn’t a critique of teachers and administrators in OPS. This is a matter of expanding parental choice about what’s best for their children. This is a great move forward; we believe this is the direction we should be headed in public education.”

You can read the full Omaha World Herald article  here.