Only 8 Votes!

Mar 27, 2014 by AFP

This week the Unicameral gave final approval to the mainline state budget bill – a bill that grows state spending by a whopping 6.7%. That’s hundreds of millions in new government spending.

To put that into perspective that is a rate three times greater than the rate of inflation. Simply put, the income of Nebraska’s taxpayers cannot keep up with the rate of spending by our Legislature.

Tell Governor Dave Heineman to veto the extra spending added by the Legislature and Appropriations Chairman Health Mello in the state budget bill.

Gov. Heineman has been a strong leader for our state; opposing ObamaCare, resisting new taxes and fighting for spending and tax reform. Tell Gov. Heineman the Legislature has passed a reckless budget and we, the taxpayers of Nebraska, are counting on his leadership to veto this budget.

We do need to understand the position Gov. Heineman is in: only eight state senators opposed this outrageous budget. 40 state senators, more than enough to override a gubernatorial veto, voted for massive increases in state spending; a nearly $8 BILLION biennium budget.

The Unicameral would be well positioned to override the Governor’s veto of this out-of-control spending. But that’s a discussion we need to have as a state. Let’s put these state senators on notice. Let’s put them on the record.

Does a 6.7% increase in state spending really make sense? Does spending millions on pet projects like fountains for the capitol building or a $2 million slush fund for the state’s sesquicentennial really sound like priorities for Nebraska?

AFP-Nebraska opposes the baseline budget passed 40-8 by the Legislature. This budget seems to find new spending for just about every interest group in the state expect the taxpayer.

We encourage Gov. Heineman to veto this budget because it does not reflect the priorities of our state. Instead of significant tax relief, which is by far the greatest priority as identified by Nebraskans at last year’s tax modernization hearings and a recent poll conducted by AFP-NE.

Tell Gov. Heineman that state spending is growing too fast and taxpayers simply cannot keep up. Thank the Governor for his leadership and ask him to veto this budget bill.