ObamaCare Premium Rates Rising: Tennesseans Paying the Price

Aug 25, 2014 by AFP

With ObamaCare rates on the rise anyone who signed up under the “Affordable”Care Act can brace for a premium rate increase ranging from 7.5%-22% next year. The Tennessean reported:

As a result, BlueCross said, consumers will experience rate increases between 6.1 and 21.7 percent, depending on the product they have bought. It’s difficult to nail down the exact change in product price because marketplace plans include health care options of various levels, which are priced differently based on the customer’s age.

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Tennesseans aren’t alone. At least eight other states can expect their rates to rise by more than 10% and the majority of states will see an increase. President Obama claimed our healthcare costs would go down by $2500 per family. The opposite seems to be true. There’s a great article in The Washington Examiner that goes into more detail. Read more: Here