ObamaCare Navigators Bill in Committee — Week of Feb 3

Jan 31, 2014 by AFP


HB 2508 — Criminal Background Checks for ObamaCare Navigators

HB 2508, sponsored by Rep. Phil Lovas, will be heard by the House Insurance and Retirement Committee on Tuesday, February 4 at 2:00 pm. It would regulate ObamaCare insurance exchange Navigators, by requiring them to undergo criminal background checks and by instituting other privacy protections. These Navigators will have access to very sensitive personal health and financial information of citizens — and many citizens are essentially being forced by ObamaCare to go into the exchanges. Please take the following two actions today:

1) Use the contacts below to call or email the members of the House Insurance and Retirement Committee, and ask them to support HB 2508 to protect citizens’ personal
health and financial information from fraudsters acting as Navigators.

2) Use THIS LINK to email the legislators in your district, and ask them to support
HB 2508 when it comes to a floor vote.

o Chairman Phil Lovas (602)-926-3297 plovas@azleg.gov
o Rep. John Allen (602)-926-4916 jallen@azleg.gov
o Rep. David Livingston (602)-926-4178 dlivingston@azleg.gov
o Rep. Bob Robson (602)-926-5549 brobson@azleg.gov
o Rep. Kelly Townsend (602)-926-4467 ktownsend@azleg.gov
o Rep. Debbie McCune-Davis (602)-926-4485 ddavis@azleg.gov
o Rep. Juan Mendez (602)-926-4124 jmendez@azleg.gov
o Rep. Victoria Steele (602)-926-5683 vsteele@azleg.gov

And here are even more ways to take action:

1) Register in support of the bill. If you do not already have an account with the ALIS system, you will need to come down to the Capitol to set up an account at one of the several kiosks (after you sign up, you will be able to voice your opinion on bills from the comfort of your home). For help getting set up with an ALIS account, contact Bill Fathauer at bfathauer@afphq.org. A member of our legislative team will also be there in advance of the hearing to help anyone who needs to sign in.

2) Attend the committee hearing and testify in support of the bill. If you or someone you know has been personally affected by an issue being raised in committee, you can attend the hearing in person and tell your story. Requesting to speak also requires setting up an ALIS account in person if you do not already have one (see #1 above), but after that it is very easy to request to speak at any time from your home computer or a mobile device.

3) Spread the word!  After you’re done lobbying your legislators yourselves, please forward this link to your friends and family — or anyone else you know — and show them how they can be a part of the process. Every new voice helps!

Thank you for all you do to help win free-market victories for the people of Arizona. We hope you’ll continue to stand with us going forward!   To take action on other bills, go to our main TAKE ACTION page at this link: