ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Debate; Day 1 Recap

Mar 19, 2014 by AFP

March 18th was the first day of debate on whether or not the state should expand Medicaid under ObamaCare through LB 887.

“For several hours, it wasn’t much of a debate,” wrote JoAnne Young (Lincoln Journal Star).

Debate began with the proponents of LB 887 laying out their opening arguments for the bill in general. Much of the first five hours of the debate were spent discussing an amendment to change which body negotiates the waiver with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Without enough votes to move the amendment along, proponents of ObamaCare Medicaid expansion used the time to lay out their arguments for expansion. The amendment eventually gained enough support to pass.

Eventually, opponents of ObamaCaid had their turn to lead debate on the bill. Young provided a summary of the opponents:

“Medicaid was intended to help the state’s most vulnerable citizens, Lincoln Sen. Colby Coash said, and should focus care on people with disabilities, not adults who are able to work.

“More than 2,100 people with disabilities are still waiting for home and community based services. And the bill puts a group of people ahead of those he has spent many hours advocating for since he was elected to the Legislature, he said.

“Sen. Bill Kintner of Papillion said he understood real lives were at stake. ‘But … I’m going to say it again. To take a bad program is worse than having no program.’

“Omaha Sen. Bill McCoy brought the debate back to President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, despite supporters’ assertion that the issue wasn’t about the health care law.

“‘We’ve seen how abysmal this rollout has been of Obamacare,’ he said. ‘We’re in this position because it was forced on us.’

After six and half hours debate ended and will likely continue on Wednesday, March 19th.

Sen. Mello pointed out that “This issue will not go away at Sine Die this year. It will not go away (with) whoever is the next governor or the next Legislature. Health care and health care reform will be around for a long time.”

Health care should be talked about and the goal should be:

better health for more people at a lower cost on a continuous basis.

ObamaCare is failing Nebraskans; we need to recast the goals for reform.

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