Obamacare has made insurance more expensive for Arkansans

Jun 26, 2014 by AFP

The Manhattan Institute recently released a study about health care insurance premiums paid before and after the implementation of the ACA. In the study, it is revealed that the ACA has led to premium increases of on average 49 %, nationally. However, in Arkansas no demographic group studied has gotten away that easy.

In fact, the group in Arkansas that has had the smallest premium increase, women age 40, have still seen an 86.5 % increase. Their male counterparts saw their premiums more than double at an average increase of 186.5 %. And the worst affected group of all, males age 27, had their premiums more than tripled at an average 250.1 % increase.

According to a poll from May 2014 (http://talkbusiness.net/2014/05/private-option-republican-primary/), Obamacare is very unpopular with Republican voters, even with the so called ‘private option’ added to it. This is quite understandable given the fact that few people in Arkansas will not have their premiums at least doubled.