Obamacare Costs Continue to Skyrocket As Enrollment Opens

Nov 2, 2017 by AFP
The Obamacare exchanges have opened their enrollment period for 2018. Unfortunately, workers and families across the country will find premiums are skyrocketing—another reminder that the Affordable Care Act has failed and needs to be repealed.
The Department of Health and Human Services reports that the average premium for the most popular silver plan is expected to climb 37 percent. Premiums for the same plan jumped 22 percent last year.
Freedom Partners’ new premium increase tracker map shows many states will face massive increases in 2018; 28 states are facing double-digit increases.
    • Virginians will get hit the hardest, with increases as high as 81.8 percent and an average increase of 55.3 percent.
    • In Florida, premiums are set to go up an average of 42.9 percent.
    • Premiums in Michigan are expected to rise by an average of 31.1 percent.
Obamacare’s History of Hurting Americans
Increasing Washington’s grip over our health care system has resulted in soaring costs and fewer options. Here are some of Obamacare’s consequences:
  • Since Obamacare’s regulations went into effect in 2013, premiums across the country have doubled as the number of insurers has dwindled
  • Obamacare has forced approximately 5 million people off their plans onto costlier insurance policies. In many cases, people choose to pay the penalty for not having insurance because it is the less expensive option.
  • Americans who are covered by the law often can’t afford to get sick because they will be forced to pay thousands of dollars in ever-increasing deductibles. These high deductibles have led one New York Times article to dub Obamacare coverage “all but useless.”
Congress Must Repeal Obamacare
Enough is enough. Americans will continue to suffer under Obamacare’s unsustainable and costly regulations unless Congress keeps its promise and repeals the law. Doing so would lower costs and increase options for families and workers trying to make ends meet.
After repealing Obamacare, Congress must enact reforms to further bring down costs so patients will have access to better, more affordable health care.
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