ObamaCare Campus Crisis Tour Kicks Off in Ohio

Mar 10, 2014 by AFP

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity Ohio is kicking off their ObamaCare Campus Crisis effort this week in Ohio.   The effort includes stops at several college campuses across the state to meet with young people and highlight the negative effects ObamaCare is having on them.

“ObamaCare was sold to Ohioans as a means to make health care more affordable and more accessible.  Unfortunately, this has not turned out to be the case.  It fact this poorly conceived and poorly executed law has had the opposite effect,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “ObamaCare has been particularly devastating for young people who are being hurt in the short term with reduced hours at work and lost job opportunities all because of ObamaCare.  In addition, these young people will be left holding the bag to pay for ObamaCare in the long-term.”

The ObamaCare Campus Crisis tour will include stops at Capital University and the University of Toledo.  More stops are expected to be announced soon and more information is available at http://obamacarecampuscrisis.com/.

A recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report showed that more than 2 million full-time jobs will be lost because of ObamaCare.  In addition, ObamaCare carries with it 21 new tax increases amounting to $1 trillion in new taxes while still leaving 31 million Americans uninsured.

“ObamaCare is destroying opportunities for young people,” continued Miller.  “We have heard from college students all over Ohio who are hurting and afraid they will not be able to find employment as a direct result of ObamaCare.  We plan to take their stories all over the state so that everyone understands the crisis ObamaCare is wreaking on our college campuses.  Anyone who would like to join us in our efforts to fight back can sign our petition located at http://obamacarecampuscrisis.com/.”