Obamacare affecting all Texans adversely

Jun 24, 2014 by AFP

According to a study by the Manhattan Institute (http://www.manhattan-institute.org/knowyourrates/), Texans of both genders and regardless of age have been losers with regards to health care insurance premiums paid before and after the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA – aka Obamacare).  The premium hikes range from 5.9 % for females age 40 up to 77.8 % for males age 27.

The real winners are found mainly in the North-East, with premium reductions being the largest in the state of New York at -45.10 %.

Nationally, the average premium is up by 49 %.  In summary, the ACA did not merely affect different parts of the country in very different ways – it also led to very significant increases in the amount Americans have to spend on healthcare insurance.