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Nursing Scope of Practice

For too long advanced practice nurses have been held back from using the full scope of their education, training, and experience to treat Pennsylvania’s patients in need.

It is time for Harrisburg to reimagine health care and remove barriers that get in the way of health care workers, and trust our doctors, nurses and medical researchers to care for patients, unencumbered by unnecessary restrictions.

Empowering our frontline medical professionals to do what they do best – save lives – should be a top priority of the legislature.

Keystone State nurses have been recognized for what patients have known prior to the pandemic: heroes. It’s time for Harrisburg lawmakers to join Pennsylvanians in telling these frontlines workers, ‘we trust you with our healthcare!’

—Ashley Klingensmith, State Director


Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania supports patient-centered health care reforms that expand the supply of medical care to provide better health, for more people, at a lower cost. That’s why Pennsylvania lawmakers should pass H.B. 100 and S.B. 25 to let nurse practitioners serve patients to the fullest extent of their education and training.

Giving full practice authority to experienced nurse practitioners will increase Pennsylvanians’ access to healthcare and help relieve healthcare provider shortages in our state. According to the federal government, over 540,000 Pennsylvanians reside in communities that face a severe shortage of physicians.

Expanding the ability of nurse practitioners to meet this state’s primary care needs is essential to making sure all Pennsylvanians enjoy readily available primary care services.

That’s why Pennsylvania lawmakers should pass H.B.100 and S.B. 25 to let nurse practitioners serve patients to the fullest extent of their education and training.

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We should trust nurses to provide the care that matches their experience and training, not limit them through government regulations. – Beth Anne Mumford
Allowing CRNPs to practice to the full extent of their license without burdensom regulations will give PA childbearing families greater access to skilled maternal care and improved outcomes for moms and babies. – Laryssa Gaughen
Rural nurse practitioners provide high quality, cost effective care for residents of PA. Remove barriers to practice and let patients choose! – Joyce Knestrick
I've been a nurse practitioner for a lot of years and I've had a lot of education. For the average problem that the average individual suffers from every day, I feel like we could be doing more than we are. – Debbie Gress
My children have been regularly seen by a CRNP at their pediatrician's office since they were babies. I trust her as much as I trust the doctors in the practice and have been more than happy with her care and guidance over the years. – Nykee Lillich
Both of my children were delivered by a nurse practitioner. It was the best experience. Support HB100. – Diane Batcha
During these times, expanding full practice authority for advanced practice nurses is needed to address the amplified critical needs for patients across the Commonwealth. – Danielle Drigotas
With two recent knee surgeries, anything that could make it easier to get the care I need would be appreciated! Support expanding nursing scope of practice now! – Perry Hooftallen
People are capable of extraordinary things when barriers aren’t placed in front of them. Let NPs be extraordinary and remove the healthcare barrier in their way now! – Kathleen Lewis
I find nurse practitioners to always be very cordial and professional. We have a lot of work to do to make sure they can practice to the fullest extent of their training. – Lynn Atwell
All professionals should be able to practice to the fullest extent of their training. – Becca Greene
Why shouldn't CRNPs be able to provide us with quality healthcare? We need all the help available now. – Laura Moore
We can't hold advanced practice nurses back from helping people. Their skills are needed, especially in this time of COVID-19. – Linwood Holland
Is our government again trying to tell us we shouldn't trust nurse practitioners when it comes to providing quality care? This is wrong! Let them be part of the solution. – Walter Moore
As a patient of a nurse practitioner, it has been my personal experience that nurse practitioners are very patient, empathetic, and comprehensive in their history and physical examination; cautious but confident with their assessment and the plan of action. Nurse practitioners take the time to understand my overall health and wellness, and when off course recommend necessary changes or medications for a more healthy life.
Please, let them practice to the full extent of their training.
– Kelly Brent
Residents of rural areas deserve equal access to care. Support HB 100 now! – Betty Hooftallen
Expanding nursing scope of practice would help rural Pennsylvanians like my friends and family. Please support HB 100! – Susan Hooftallen
Expanding the nursing scope of practice for nurse practitioners will further the amount of Pennsylvanians who will have access to healthcare. – Ellen Myers
With the everchanging healthcare system, advancing the scope of practice of nurse practitioners would benefit all Pennsylvanians. – Stephanie Lewis
We have a huge opportunity to help all Pennsylvanians in all parts of our state get access to quality care. We must let NPs practice to the fullest extent of their training - especially in the midst of a health crisis! – Emily Greene
I support expanding nursing scope of practice because it will allow people in rural and urban areas to have greater access to the healthcare that they need at an affordable cost. – Chris DiFiore
Out of all the providers we've seen at our family practice, one nurse practitioner has provided the best care for my husband. During one visit, she contacted his transplant team to discuss treatment for a medical issue he was having.

We have never had any other provider willing to contact his transplant coordinator, from a different health system, so that we could leave the office with a plan of treatment in place.

Please, allow these nurses to treat patients without burdensome regulations.
– Channon K.
Let the professionals do their jobs. Nobody benefits when licensed professionals are limited by arbitrary government rules. – Mason Snope
Nurse practitioners are extensively educated and focus mainly on preventive care. They are able to diagnose, treat, and educate patients on managing their health. – Lynn Chalecki
Supporting House Bill 100 would allow residents in nursing homes to have more access to outside providers than ever before, allowing residents to have a greater scope of care. Support House Bill 100 today! – Daniel Lewis
Supporting House Bill 100 would provide more healthcare opportunities for everyone. – Christopher Lewis
I am thankful for Deb, my psychiatric NP at the Pittsburgh VA, for transforming my experience in mental health care by providing me with the tools to overcome a life-changing diagnosis. – Lisa C.
There are multiple studies to show that primary care provided by NPs is just as effective as primary care physicians. 22 other states have already passed similar legislation, and it isn't affecting their quality of care, but it is improving access for patients. – Cyndi Chew
As a nurse practitioner, I need to be able to practice to my full scope. I care for hospice patients in their home. I shouldn't have to 'collaborate' with a physician to treat their urinary tract infections, shingles, or to adjust their pain meds. Just let me care for my patients to the full scope of my practice. – Melanie Chrash, MSN, APN-BC, PHCNS-BC, PN
The free market is capable of providing people with great healthcare outcomes. Let's get closer to having a free market in healthcare by expanding nursing scope of practice! – Josh Harsch
I see a CRNP for two different treatment areas and I love them both!! Both are very thorough and treat me as a whole person. – Mandie Sampson
Providing quality healthcare to citizens shouldn’t be restricted. – Sue Lac
My experience with nurse practitioners has been extremely positive. With NPs, you get a more personalized experience. NPs will also advocate on your behalf when interacting with doctors. – Lani Sheesley
My PCP is a NP. She is simply incredible! When I started seeing her it was at a very difficult period in life. I had been injured on the job and left with terrible symptoms that I could not get taken seriously. My NP never once questioned how I was feeling. Instead she treated me as a real person and helped me every step of the way.

Getting referrals to the proper specialists, navigating health care and getting me the treatment I needed. Because of her I was able to overcome this injury. She is my advocate. NPs due to prior nursing experience are so great at looking at the full picture and patient as a whole instead of just treating symptoms. There prior nursing experience gives them the proper tools to truly critically think and view clearly the whole picture. – Emily Kennedy
I regularly see a nurse practitioner at my cardiologist's office. She listens to my concerns and thoroughly answers any questions I have and is genuine. – Judy V.
Nurse practitioners are qualified and go through rigorous training. Why is the government making it harder for them to treat patients? – Angelo Lyles
I don't understand why the government won't allow nurse practitioners to help people the best way they know how. – Artiss Harrison
I am a nurse practitioner and we desperately need these reforms. Please pass HB 100. – T. Jackson
The governement is bullying these medical professionals. Let them do their job of helping people. – Charles Miller
I just learned about this. I always thought nurse practitioners were allowed to practice freely. The regulations need to be changed. – Diane Paschall
Stop blocking progress and let nurse practitioners help people according to their training and license. – Mark Holland
Thank you for letting me know about this issue. It's wrong to prevent these medical professionals from doing their job. I will spread the word. – Wesley Carruth
What can I do to help HB 100 get passed? I love nurse practitioners. – James Rodgers
The current regulations prevent nurses from focusing on treating people. That's a problem. – Rodney Stewart

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