NJPP And Legislators Pushing For Higher Gas Tax Are Out Of Touch

Apr 28, 2014 by AFP

NJPP and Legislators Pushing for Higher Gas Tax are Out of Touch

Calls for 39 cent Gas Tax Increase Simply Shameful

MONMOUTH JUNCTION – Americans for Prosperity is calling out members of the legislature and New Jersey Policy Perspective for calling to raise the gas tax as much as 39 cents.

“They just don’t get it. Gordon MacInnes of NJPP plan of raising the gas tax by 39 cents is quite possibly the worst idea of this legislative cycle,” Americans for Prosperity State Director Daryn Iwicki said.

“This just really goes to show how out of touch NJPP and others who are calling for a raise in the gas tax.  Despite numerous polls out saying the public does not want to see the tax increased they are pushing for it anyway.  What they are saying is they don’t care what you think because they know better than you.  It is sad really,” continued Iwicki.

“Why don’t we look at why it cost our state $1.2 million to pave 1 mile of road?  According to Reason Foundations 20th Annual Highway Report we spend 8.4 times more than the national average per-mile of road work.  Everything is more, more than any other state for highway, maintenance, and bridges.  If our roads are so bad what are we paying for?” Iwicki stated.

“Here is the best part of this illogical thought.  They just raised the minimum wage and now they want to increase the cost of folks getting to and from work wiping out any net benefit to the workers,” chided Iwicki.

“Before raising taxes on hardworking citizens who are barely making do with what they have, let’s look at the root of the problem.  Again, the problem is the sheer cost to maintain our roads.

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