Nick Rahall Owes An Apology to Christina Underwood’s Family

Jun 26, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Demands an Apology to Underwood Family and other Coal Mining Families

MT NEBO – Americans for Prosperity today demanded that Representative Nick Rahall apologize to the family of Christina Underwood and all coal mining families across the state, whom he insulted with his baseless claim that “Our coal companies can’t hire coal miners because they can’t pass a drug test.” Christina Underwood spoke out in a recent AFP television ad about how the EPA’s policies, which Nick Rahall supported, cost her husband three jobs.

Go here to view Christina’s latest ad.

Go here to read Christina’s op-ed in the Charleston Gazette.

“Nick Rahall clearly does not know the hard-working men like Christina’s husband who are not drug users but who have lost jobs because of the EPA’s destructive policies,” explained Wendy McCuskey, West Virginia State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “Nick Rahall’s insulting comments to coal miners across the state shows how poorly he understands the policies that are destroying jobs and hurting West Virginia families. It’s time for Rahall to realize he made a serious mistake, apologize to Christina, learn from her story, and start fighting for coal jobs against the EPA’s destructive policies.”