Next AFP Road to Reform Event Comes to Nevada with Fiorina, Pyle

Nov 24, 2015 by AFP

Reno, Nev. — The Nevada chapter of Americans for Prosperity will host a policy event in Reno on December 16, aimed at elevating the dialogue around reforming the federal government. Carly Fiorina and Thomas Pyle of the American Energy Alliance will discuss the federal government’s overburdensome regulation of all areas of America’s energy sector. They’ll address hundreds of Americans for Prosperity volunteers who spread the message on the ground across the state.

The event is part of a broader series of conversations with policymakers that Americans for Prosperity has dubbed Road to Reform, a nod to the set of legislative priorities the group unveiled at the beginning of the year, Reform America 2015. (Details at:

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Event Details:

Americans for Prosperity Road to Reform Discussion featuring Carly Fiorina and Thomas Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance. 

WHEN: December 16, 3PM
WHERE:  Atlantis Resort & Casino (Grand Ballroom),
3800 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502

A spokesman for the organization said they expected to hold several more Road to Reform events in the coming months, in which policymakers can provide expert insights on AFP’s key issues, weighing in on the policy landscape and how to achieve victory.

Americans for Prosperity Nevada State Director Adam Jones released the following statement:

“Plain and simple: the President’s energy mandates are making it harder for Nevadans to get ahead. Under the President’s dangerous energy agenda, Nevadans are facing electric and gas bill hikes of more than $250 year and with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, we just can’t afford it.” 

“We’re looking forward to diving deeper into the energy regulations that are making life less affordable. Our volunteers are excited to hear from these policy experts and start spreading the word about this harmful energy agenda around the state. 


Past Road to Reform Highlights

The group has previously held Road to Reform events with thought leaders and elected officials like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, CATO Institute’s Daniel J. Mitchell, Senator Marco Rubio, Heritage Foundation’s Diane Katz, and Senator Ted Cruz.

Click here to view Senator Rubio’s June remarks at Road to Reform in New Hampshire, focused on the Export-Import Bank.

Carly on Energy

Fiorina has consistently said that America has the means and know-how to be the “energy powerhouse of the 21st century,” but “the government has become a crushing weight.”

“The answer is innovation, and the only way to innovate is for this nation to have industry strong enough that they can innovate.” (Devin Henry,, Sept. 16, 2015).

Americans for Prosperity on Energy Regulations

Carbon Mandates: “[The Clean Power Plan] keeps states from innovating when it comes to providing affordable and reliable energy; it causes electricity prices to skyrocket; and it invites a massive disruption to the nation’s power grid.

“State leaders can and should push back against President Obama’s carbon rule. They should stand up for the hardworking Americans who will face double-digit electricity price hikes as a result. That’s why we’re calling on state leaders to avoid submitting an implementation plan until the courts have adjudicated the EPA’s dramatic overreach. Officials should seek ways to protect their states from these costly, legally dubious regulations that are being enacted at the direction of unelected bureaucrats without input from Congress.” (, August 4, 2015).

Gas Tax Hikes: “Yet almost as soon as this small glimmer of relief [from high gas prices] has appeared, the Washington political class moved to signal its openness to raising the gas tax. Instead of looking for new tax revenue, lawmakers should seek to spend the billions in gas tax revenues they already collect more efficiently. For example, around a third of gas tax revenues collected are spent on non-highway projects.” (, January 15, 2015).

Abuse of EPA Water Rules (WOTUS): “The rule will expand the federal government’s authority to regulate private land across the country and force landowners and employers to navigate a labyrinth of regulations. Such regulation includes massive permitting costs that will harm farmers, job creators and family budgets. The economic pain that this rule will inflict will stifle job growth and prevent future economic development.” (, July 17, 2015).

Reform America 2015

Americans for Prosperity’s Reform America 2015 agenda first launched in January with a press conference at the National Press Club. The group says the agenda is a series of practical, achievable reforms that can be passed immediately to improve American lives. The items include repealing the medical device tax, avoiding a federal gas tax increase, and returning to regular-order budgeting in the U.S. Congress.

Americans for Prosperity Launches ‘Reform America 2015’ Agenda (, January 15).