NEWS RELEASE: AFP Activists Repudiate Sebelius Visit, Fight for Anti-ACA Bills

Mar 14, 2014 by AFP

HB 707, 990 pass committee, head for GA Senate vote.

ATLANTA – Americans For Prosperity, Georgia’s premier grassroots organization for economic and health care freedom, responded to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ Georgia visit earlier this week with a full court press that resulted in the clean passage of House Bill 707 and House Bill 990 out of Senate committees earlier today. The two bills are seen as strong repudiations of the Affordable Care Act by Georgians. AFP activists have given testimony, spoken with legislators, held rallies and most recently reached out to 5,000 activists in a tele-townhall in Senator Tim Golden’s Valdosta district yesterday, in advance of the Senate vote.

AFP Georgia Grassroots Coordinator Joel Aaron Foster released the following statement:

“Packed committee hearings full of grassroots activists sent a strong message today that Georgians stand firmly against ObamaCare. HB 707 and HB 990 are some of the strongest state-based responses to the health care law in the country. AFP activists are fighting for this message: we will not carry water for this disastrous law by using our own state resources to set up a state health exchange or a state Navigator enrollment program. We will fight any Medicaid expansion. We will not put our own state’s fiscal situation on federal life support based on Washington’s empty promises.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Joel Aaron Foster at or (770) 315-4304.