New School Accountability Ratings are Out

Aug 8, 2014 by AFP

New School Accountability Ratings are Out
See How Your School Was Rated

The Texas Education Agency released the 2014 school accountability standards today amid much anticipation.

The rating system assessment measures and evaluates student achievement, student progress, closing performance gaps and post-secondary readiness.

Just over 84% of Texas schools met the standards leaving 9% requiring improvement (after 2.7% met alternative standards.)

More than 4,400 campuses that achieved the Met Standard rating earned some type of distinction designation. Four hundred campuses earned a distinction designation in all of the distinction categories that were evaluated for the campus. A complete listing of these districts can be found on the Texas Education Agency website.

“Earning a distinction is not easy,” said Texas Education Agency Commissioner Michael Williams. “Any school earning one or more distinctions should be recognized in its community for the outstanding work taking place on that campus.”

To see how a specific campus was rated, go here:

To see how your district was rated, go here:

To view the state ratings, go here:

The accountability standards adoped by the Texas Legislature leaves parents and taxpayers wanting more information.  The “met standards” and “needs improvement” ratings are not what is needed to know how our schools are doing. That is a long way from providing parents with grades A-F for school campuses, a true accountability measure which AFP-Texas supports.

Most of those school campuses “needing improvement” – fully 443 — were elementary schools.  If we are failing our kids in elementary school, we are providing those students with little opportunity to succeed later.

Here is an explanation of the new accountability standards:

And a new video from the Texas Education Agency offers a quick overview of the State of Texas Accountability System and what goes into the annual ratings of schools, districts and charters.