New Poll Finds Economy, Jobs, at Top of Coloradan’s Minds

Apr 24, 2014 by AFP

         Americans for Prosperity asks Senator why he Continues to Block Keystone XL

PARKER – By a plurality, the top issue on Coloradans minds is the economy and jobs, according to today’s Quinnipiac poll. Yet Senator Udall continues to oppose the Keystone pipeline, a project that will create 20,000 jobs. That’s just one example, according to Americans for Prosperity – Colorado.

“Fighting for jobs in the U.S. Senate isn’t a complicated one, but it takes common sense and willingness to stand against irresponsible special interests, like the radical environmental lobby,” explained Dustin Zvonek, Colorado State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “While even his Democrat fellow Senator and head of the DSCC, Michael Bennet, has come out in support of Keystone, Senator Udall participated in an 18-hour gabfest on the floor of the Senate. He is playing games while Americans are looking for jobs.”

Senator Bennet and Mark Udall split their votes on a measure last year supporting the Keystone pipeline. This wasn’t the first time Bennet voted pro-jobs and Udall stuck with job-killing policies. When a $600 billion tax hike increasing the tax burden for 77% of Americans came up for a vote, Senator Udall voted yes.

“It comes as no surprise that Senator Udall has voted 99% of the time with President Obama,” Zvonek continued. “When the rubber meets the road, Senator Udall prioritizes partisanship and ideological conformity, not commonsense policy to benefit Coloradans and the rest of the country. It’s time for Senator Udall to listen to his constituents and do the hard work of governing, not playing politics to keep his fringe fundraisers and activists happy.”

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