New Hampshire Legislative Score Card (2017)

Jul 21, 2017 by AFP


Americans For Prosperity-New Hampshire is pleased to present our 2017 Legislative Score Card.

AFP-NH hopes that this Score Card will aid you in your efforts to remain well informed regarding some of the key legislative activity that took place in Concord over this past year and its impact on expanding government and economic growth.

AFP-NH does not score every vote. Rather the focus of this Score Card is to consider the most important votes cast in a number of key areas that impact a free market, such as taxes, spending, health care, education choice, worker freedom, regulation, free speech, property rights and ending cronyism. This year, the Legislature had the opportunity to vote on important issues in these areas, such as making New Hampshire a Right to Work state and lowering business taxes to make the state more competitive.

Within this Score Card you will find these votes and many others that are essential to ensuring free markets, entrepreneurship and opportunity. We hope this helps you see a clear picture of how legislators performed in these important areas.

In addition to information on how your state legislators voted on important pieces of legislation, you will find their contact information included in this Score Card. AFP-NH hopes you will use it to reach out to your State Senator and State Representatives and encourage them to support free market policies that advance economic freedom.


Greg Moore

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire

View the 2017 New Hampshire Legislative Score Card HERE.