New AFP Television Ad: ObamaCare Cancelled My Plan

Mar 14, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity – Arkansas, the state’s leading advocate for health care freedom, today announced the launch of a significant new TV ad buy holding Senator Mark Pryor accountable for casting a decisive vote for ObamaCare. The ad begins airing today statewide with a total budget over $700,000.

The new ad features the story of Arkansas resident Wanda, who recounts the disappointment and anxiety felt when she learned the healthcare plan she was promised she could keep had been cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act.


AFP-Arkansas state director Jason Cline explained, “Senator Pryor chose to vote for the failing Obamacare policy, and he sticks by that policy even with the mounting negative effects it is having here in Arkansas on people like Wanda and Jerry Buckley. It’s time for Senator Pryor to face the facts and admit that ObamaCare is hurting Arkansas families.”

In the ad, Wanda says, “When somebody tells you ‘if you like it you can keep it,’ you believe them. But that’s not so in this case. You think that you’re going to be one of those unlucky people. But then to find out that it’s happening to so many.” For the average Arkansas family of 4, the extra cost they would have to pay for health insurance is $2,250.

Cline continued: “This is our second significant televised ad buy this year. This ad, coupled with our door-to-door efforts over the coming weeks, highlight the aggressive nature we are using to educate people on the issues that matter.”

AFP will couple the ad with an aggressive grassroots effort which will include knocking on thousands of doors to educate Arkansans about the issue and put pressure on Senator Pryor to oppose ObamaCare.

Last month, AFP ran this ad calling on Senator Pryor to admit that “Obamacare just doesn’t work.”