NEW AFP Ad: Trucker Tells Sen. Pryor “ObamaCare Hurts AR Families”

Apr 1, 2014 by AFP

“You say you didn’t mean for millions of Americans to lose their insurance, then fix it!”

LITTLE ROCK – Americans for Prosperity – Arkansas today released a new ad telling the story of a truck driver who is among the thousands of Arkansans to learn his plan might be cancelled due to the new health care law. Jerry explains the stress of not knowing whether his insurance policy will exist at the end of the year, and asks Senator Pryor to fix it. More than 42,000 Blue Cross, Blue Shield and QualChoice policy holders have received letters of pending cancellation due to the ACA.

Click here to watch Jerry’s story.

Arkansas Director of Americans for Prosperity Jason Cline said, “Jerry is just one of thousands of Arkansans who have been thrown into a health insurance tail spin due to Obamacare. Yet Senator Pryor continues to support the law. It’s time he and President Obama realize that people like Jerry can’t live under the constant uncertainty placed on them because of the new health care law.”

The ad will run statewide. AFP Arkansas will continue to hold townhalls and organize door knocks and phone banks to put grassroots pressure on Senator Mark Pryor to stop supporting Obamacare and fix the problems facing his constituents.

Cline continued, “The bottom line that we continue to see from hardworking Arkansans is that Obamacare just doesn’t work. Yes, its costs are astronomical. But it’s about the people it continues to negatively affect. Senator Pryor should pay more attention to the people here in Arkansas instead of his next vote for something the President endorses.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Jason Cline at or 501-765-5665.