New AFP Ad: Peters’ ObamaCare Support Hurts Family Budgets

May 28, 2014 by AFP

Major new effort connects ObamaCare with too-high costs across Michigan. 

LANSING — The Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost grassroots advocate for economic freedom, is launching a new television ad today that continues the group’s effort to hold Rep. Gary Peters accountable for supporting ObamaCare and its attendant problems, such as rising health care costs. The ad details the struggles of Michigan women to provide for their families as everything from gas, to housing, to health care gets costlier. 


AFP-Michigan State Director Scott Hagerstrom released the following statement today: 

“How much more can women and families in Michigan take? We can’t afford the big-government policies that continue empowering a bureaucracy in Washington while the people of our state are left with less and less to build better lives for themselves. Our budgets are already stretched in this economy, and it’s time for Gary Peters to give us a little bit of relief. Congressman Peters, our membership is asking you to stop supporting ObamaCare before the costs get even worse.” 

The TV ad will run on broadcast and cable across the state for several weeks at a cost of roughly $750,000. It’s part of the group’s wall-to-wall effort to oppose ObamaCare since its inception to 2009. From paid media, letters to Congress, online activism, phone banks and town halls, AFP has led the effort to get Michiganders relief from the law. 

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