New AFP ad: ObamaCare victim Not Backing Down from Shameful Peters Tactics

Mar 4, 2014 by AFP

Arlington, Va. — Today Americans for Prosperity is launching a major new effort across Michigan to keep pressure on Rep. Gary Peters after he tried to silence ObamaCare victim Julie Boonstra. (View the ad here). His shameful move sparked a national news event and signaled the beginning of a new strategy among the law’s supporters: attack and try to muzzle critics and victims of the law.

Watch the new ad: Julie Responds here.

Two weeks ago, AFP launched “Julie’s Story,” in which Boonstra spoke of seeing her plan cancelled in the middle of her life-and-death battle with leukemia. The response from Peters’ camp was to send in a team of DC-based attorneys to attempt to get the spot pulled by threatening Michigan stations with their FCC broadcasting licenses (View the letter here).

“Congressman Peters wants to ignore the reality of ObamaCare,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “But we’re standing up for the victims of this law; we’re not backing down on ObamaCare and neither is Julie. Instead, we’re committed to making sure that people like Julie won’t be intimidated or told to keep quiet by the Congressman or his team of DC lawyers.

“That Gary Peters would attempt to silence Julie’s story rather than defend his vote for ObamaCare tells us everything we need to know about the disaster this law has been for middle-class Americans. As Peters and his team can see now, hiding is not going to work. It is time to start listening to real people like Julie instead of political consultants, and admit that ObamaCare is not the answer.” 

Last week, after Peters lawyered up to go after Julie’s ad, she and AFP Michigan State Director Scott Hagerstrom took a group of activists right to Peter’s home and attempted to speak to him about his tactics. He never answered the door.

Boonstra’s message for Peters is simple:

“I am a single mother of two children. Instead of helping me, Congressman Peters tried to silence me.”


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Julie’s story is the latest in a series of personal testimonies that Americans for Prosperity has highlighted in ongoing efforts to hold politicians accountable for ObamaCare.

Last month, AFP shared the story of Emilie, a woman suffering from a chronic illness called lupus, who also had her insurance cancelled and now faces higher costs.