New ACRE Video Debunks Charter School Myths In Arkansas

Dec 12, 2016 by AFP

What if we had the ability to dramatically increase the quality of the Arkansas public school system? What if we could give new life to our poorest performing schools? What if we could do all this while lowering our costs per student? We know that simply increasing funding to public schools does not correlate with good educational outcomes. What is needed are market forces like competition to increase educational outcomes.

In a newly released video (watch HERE), the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics (ACRE) makes the case for introducing more charter schools into the Arkansas public school system while also debunking the 5 most common charter school myths.

The five myths that are debunked by ACRE’s video are that open enrollment charter schools don’t enroll many black or Hispanic students, educational outcomes at open enrollment charter schools are worse than at public schools, open enrollment charter schools hire under-qualified teachers, open enrollment charter schools receive more public funding than traditional public schools, and that traditional public schools will be forced to shut down because they can’t compete with open enrollment charter schools. ACRE’s video uses actual data to debunk each of these five myths.

The experts at ACRE argue that more competition within the public school system will force public schools to better examine how they spend their tax dollars per student, and to compete with charter schools. According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools during the 2015-2016 school year, there were only 50 charter schools in Arkansas, and only 4.92% of public school students attended charter schools. It is time we opened up the engine of competition and allowed choice to kick start education innovation in Arkansas.

Click here to watch ACRE’s new video about charter schools in Arkansas.