Nebraska’s “Wait and See” Culture is Beneficial When it comes to ObamaCare

May 14, 2014 by AFP

Today’s Platte Chat from the Platte Institute highlights the good decisions our policy makers have made over the last few years in regards to ObamaCare.

AFPNE urged Governor Heineman to have Nebraska be a part of the federal exchange instead of a state exchange; this decision is playing out well for Nebraska as states with state exchanges have spent large amounts to have, in some cases, their websites simply do not work.

Another wing of ObamaCare AFPNE has advocated against is Medicaid expansion. Nebraska has been wise to not expand Medicaid under ObamaCare; this expansion would lead to traditional Medicaid recipients being crowded out at a major cost to state taxpayers.

As Dick Clark of the Platte Institute writes, “[c]ontrary to the predictions of those advocating for Nebraska to rush to participate in expansive federal projects, Nebraska taxpayers—who are federal taxpayers, too—have been well-served by a healthy dose of official skepticism toward these proposals”.

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