NE DHHS: ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Unaffordable

Feb 27, 2014 by AFP

Yesterday the state Department of Health and Human Services released information on the affordability, or lack thereof, of LB 887, ObamaCare Medicaid expansion.

“The Medicaid program is already the single largest program in state government and one of the fastest growing programs in the state budget,” DHHS Director Kerry Winterer said.  “LB 887 is Medicaid expansion at a very high cost.”

Winterer said an analysis by Milliman, an independent third party actuarial firm, shows the total cost of LB 887 in state and federal funds through 2020 is nearly $3.4 billion.  This is in addition to the costs of the current Medicaid program.

“Medicaid expansion is estimated by Milliman to cost over 38% more as a result LB 887,” Winterer said.  “Under LB 887, nearly one in five Nebraskans would be enrolled in Medicaid.”
Washington DC is in debt up to its ears (actually drowning in it). LB 887 will prioritze this new population of the most vulnerable in our state. You can fight it; go to and let the senators know that you oppose ObamaCare Medicaid expansion.

The Milliman report is on the DHHS website at

DHHS press release on the matter.