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Nashville Does Not Have A REVENUE Problem, It Has A SPENDING Problem

Vote YES for the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act

Years of fiscal mismanagement, waste, corporate welfare, and flush benefits for elected officials have resulted in $3.6 billion dollars of debt for the city of Nashville. As a result, Metro officials and Mayor Cooper forced a 34% property tax hike on the backs of families and small businesses across the city last year.

Despite the fiscal nightmare Nashville finds itself in, there is a way out of this mess and a solution that would bring some fiscal responsibility for years to come. The Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act (NTPA) could revert the property tax rate to what it was in 2019 and limit property tax rate increases to 3% every year without approval by a vote of the people.

We need your help to place guardrails around Metro government’s outrageous spending habits and ensure fiscal stewardship of our tax dollars.

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What is the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act and why do we need it?

The NTPA amends our Metro Charter to bring financial common sense to Metro in several ways.

  1. Limit Property Tax Rate Increases: This Amendment will revert the property tax rate for Fiscal Years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 to the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 rate, and property taxes cannot increase more than 3% per year without voter approval.
  2. Recalling Elected Officials Who Refuse to Listen to the Citizens: This amendment would lower the number of signatures required by any future petition to recall a Mayor or Councilmember. Although the process would still require tens of thousands of signatures, our elected officials ought to have some level of fear that citizens will remove them for incompetence, corruption, and not listening.
  3. No More Lifetime or Other Expensive Benefits for Elected Officials: This amendment will end all lifetime benefits for elected officials. Holding public office and being a public servant are honors bestowed by election. They chose to run for office, and it is wrong for an elected official to enrich themselves at the public’s expense.
  4. Protection of Voter Sponsored Charter Amendments: This amendment ensures that any amendment passed by referendum, which is a vote by the people, will require another referendum to be removed. Metro government CANNOT repeal your vote without your approval.
  5. Protect Publicly Owned Parks, Greenways, and Lands: This amendment requires at least 31 Metro Council members to approve any transfer of our publicly owned parks, greenways, and lands. Furthermore, a referendum will be required to transfer any publicly owned property valued over $5,000,000.
  6. Protect Promises to Nashville: This Amendment simply requires if a sports team leaves Nashville that all the benefits the taxpayers gave as an inducement will return to the taxpayers. It is only fair that the taxpayers get their property back if a team breaks its promises to the citizens and leaves.

The only path out of this dilemma is complete transparency and giving Nashville voters the chance to be heard at the ballot box in July.

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