Mom to Kay Hagan: Runaway Washington Spending is Not Helping Middle Class

Jul 10, 2014 by AFP

New Americans for Prosperity TV Ad Urges Senator to Change Course 

RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity is ramping up pressure on Senator Kay Hagan to stop the runaway spending in Washington which is harming middle class North Carolinians like Nell Todd, a mother of three from New Bern.  In a new AFP television ad Nell explains how prices for everyday items are increasing and Kay Hagan’s support for more Washington spending isn’t helping.

View the new ad here

“Kay Hagan has lost touch with the people who are suffering because of the big government policies she supports in Washington,” explained Donald Bryson, North Carolina Deputy state director of Americans for Prosperity. “Washington’s spending does not come out of thin air. When Kay Hagan votes for more bloated federal governments, she votes for a higher fiscal burden on constituents like Nell. We hope our new television ad reminds her that reckless spending is increasing the burden on middle class families and convinces her to change course.“

The ad is just the latest in Americans for Prosperity’s on-going effort to inform North Carolinians about Senator Hagan’s support for big government policies and put pressure on her to change course. AFP is also canvassing the state to draw attention to Hagan’s big spending record.