“Millionaire Tax” Fails in Victory for Illinois Working Families and Businesses

Apr 9, 2014 by AFP

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

“Millionaire Tax” Fails in Victory for Illinois Working Families and Businesses
AFP Praises Reps. Franks & Drury for Courageous Stand for Taxpayers 

Naperville, Ill. – In a victory for working families and businesses through the state, the so-called ‘millionaire tax’ has been declared dead by Speaker Madigan’s spokesman as Democratic Reps. Scott Drury and Jack Franks declared their opposition to the tax hike.

When Speaker Madigan proposed the ‘millionaire tax’ last month, Americans for Prosperity-Illinois quickly launched a campaign against the tax by airing cable TV and online ads, generating hundreds of constituent calls to priority legislators’ offices, mobilizing activists throughout districts and other grassroots activities to give voice to thousands of Illinoisans who oppose increased taxes.

“Rep. Drury and Rep. Franks should be commended for siding with taxpayers and small businesses by taking a courageous stand against this proposal,” said AFP Illinois State Director David From. “Illinois resident aren’t fooled by the false promises of Springfield politicians, and through this effort they communicated directly with legislators in their district.”

Governor Quinn and Speaker Madigan’s next goal is to make the state’s temporary tax increase permanent, a whopping 67 percent tax increase passed in 2011 that is the largest tax increase in the history of the state. The temporary tax hike came with promises to pay down debt and get the state’s financial house in order.  Yet three years later Illinois has the worst credit rating in the nation and the second high unemployment rate in the country as well.

“Raising taxes on the backs of working families and businesses will only further damage our economy, while allowing politicians to continue their spending spree,” continued From.

“AFP-Illinois and our strong supporters in this state will continue to fight back against this onslaught of tax hikes and advocate for policies that will spur job creation in Illinois, not push more out of the state.”