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Michigan 2017 Legislative Scorecard

The Scorecard measures House and Senate lawmakers based on their votes on legislation that will move Michigan toward expanded economic freedom. Lawmakers were graded on votes in support of reducing unnecessary regulations, curbing local regulatory overreach, and overhauling the public education pension system, amongst other things.

Read the press release regarding the introduction of the 2017 Legislative Scorecard here.

House of Representatives

Of the 107 state representatives scored over 17 roll-call votes, there were 23 designated “Prosperity Champions” with scores of 80 percent and above. Seven state representatives achieved perfect scores, a distinction achieved by their consistent free-market position even on smaller-scale issues such as opposing subsidies for certain grocery stores in urban areas and voting against an expansion of the number of state “promise zones” funded through tax increment financing schemes.

Download the Full House Scorecard


Of the 37 state senators scored over 19 roll-call votes, four achieved an 80 percent or higher needed to receive the group’s “Prosperity Champion” designation. No senator achieved a perfect score, although Senator Patrick Colbeck came the closest, voting with the AFP position 95 percent of the time.

Download the Full Senate Scorecard