Michelle Malkin here on June 4th!

May 7, 2014 by AFP
The time has come to head to Harrisburg to demand our elected officials protect the taxpayers and not special interest public sector unions!   

That’s why we’re planning to rally on June 4th in Harrisburg…and guess who is coming to join us?

Michelle Malkin!   

The time is now.

Go here to claim your ticket and hitch a ride on our freedom bus if you need a lift! 

This moment is what all our work on this issue has been building toward. 

As a working mom, I know how busy life can be and I would never ask you to come to Harrisburg unless we could make a difference and change the way things are run in our Capitol and on June 4th, we can!!!!

Click here to register for the event and book yourself a bus – we will provide box lunches to everyone who signs up for a ticket! 

Along with Michelle Malkin, we can prove to politicians that our state is ready to take the first steps to worker freedom and follow success stories in Wisconsin and Michigan. 

With the Obama administration in office for another 2 years, state governments MUST lead the way and show the rest of the country: freedom is the way!

Please – go here to join Michelle Malkin and our fellow Pennsylvanians as we rally at the Capitol for Paycheck Protection!