Meet me in Harrisburg – it’s important!

May 20, 2014 by AFP
I’ve been talking to your State Director and fellow working mom, Jennifer Stefano, about the unfair special treatment that public employee unions get in Pennsylvania. I agree with her: we need to put together a rally and show Harrisburg that it has to stop! 
I’m heading out there on June 4th and I hope you’ll come hear Jennifer and I address these politicians. Register here!register now 180 x 42
I watched the video of the lame intimidation tactics that union bullies pulled at your last meetings, and I’m tired of seeing it. Together, we can get Pennsylvania on the path toward more worker freedom.
But it can’t happen if we don’t take these first steps!  We need to stand up to them in numbers. It can’t just be Jennifer and I. It needs to be hundreds of us at the capitol. Please click to register for this event and find a bus in a town near you! 
Do you remember the last time you all banded together in big numbers, to stop Governor Corbett from stopping the State Exchange? It made headlines all over the state. And it’s scared lawmakers away from more ObamaCare in PA for two years running!
We can do it again, if you can make the time to show up. Click here to find out for more information on the special treatment unions get in PA, and don’t forget to register here! 
I hope I see you in Harrisburg on June 4! 

Michelle Malkin