Look at what the union bullies did to us

Feb 26, 2014 by AFP

This week we held an event on paycheck protection – one of the most important issues facing our Commonwealth – in Warminster, PA.  A few bullies from a local union showed up and took over our question and answer time by shouting me down, swearing and bullying my staff.  We had to call the police to escort us out of the building.  When I got to my car, two of my tires were flat.

I’m sure you can believe it.  I’ve been telling you about unions in Philadelphia burning a Quaker meeting house (who have since been indicted by the FBI) and other unions threatening, bullying and even beating, open shop contractors.

Because of this, we are going to reschedule our remaining town halls to increase our security so that our activists are not shouted down by bullies who want to suppress our voice in the political process.  We are unafraid of the opposition and they are welcome at our meetings, however, they are not welcome to intimate us and bully us because they are afraid we will win.

Fear not, we’re coming back bigger, better and stronger, and we will email you this week of the new dates, times and locations of our next events.  Rest assured – you will be safe.

Would you consider donating $3 dollars to help us pay for additional security and to support our paycheck protection fight?

Unlike what you have heard in the news, this fight is solely funded by people like you giving what they can to help the cause of freedom.