Letter to the Editor by Eli Miller, printed in the Columbus Dispatch

May 3, 2014 by AFP

I am a Franklin County resident and I enjoy going to the zoo.

I also enjoy exercising my constitutional right to oppose higher property taxes to support the zoo.  Moreover, I am lucky to be employed by Americans For Prosperity Ohio, an organization supported by over 95,000 activists across our state, nearly 12,000 of whom live in Franklin County.  The Ohio chapter of Americans For Prosperity is headquartered in Franklin County and we employ seven other Ohioans around the state.

We believe people should keep more of their hard-earned money.  Any tax increase deserves a diligent and public debate and discussion.  We are a non-profit that focuses on polices; not politicians. We are proud to be part of the policy conversation at the local, state and federal levels.

On Tuesday, Franklin County residents will decide whether to approve a permanent property tax increase to pay for a third area zoo.  While we have been trying to debate the issue on its merits, some proponents of the tax increase have been trying to distract the public by attacking Americans For Prosperity. Misleading allegations have been voiced against us to steer voters away from the fact that Issue 6, if passed, means a permanent property tax increase for Franklin County residents.

So many Franklin County residents have told us they simply cannot afford this tax hike. They struggle to get by and don’t need new tax burdens. They see no merit in paying for a zoo that some cannot afford to even visit.  We agree. Making a tax increase permanent removes the accountability that the public has a right to expect.

On behalf of Americans For Prosperity, I hope Franklin County voters will calmly consider the facts and realize that many of our citizens simply cannot afford another permanent property tax increase.