LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Two Important Bills are Moving Into the Other Chamber–TAKE ACTION NOW!

Feb 27, 2014 by AFP

Attention Arizona Taxpayers,

Two important bills on AFP-Arizona’s agenda have successfully passed out of their originating chamber and are already moving on the other side of the Capitol…please take action today!

–HB 2058, sponsored by Representative John Kavanagh, would prevent “pension spiking” by those enrolled in the Arizona State Retirement System, Public Safety Personnel Retirement System, and Corrections Officer Retirement System. It passed out of the House and is now assigned in the Senate Finance Committee. Please contact the following members of the Senate Finance Committee and let them know how important this is:

  • Chairman Steve Yarbrough       (602)-926-5863           syarbrough@azleg.gov
  • Senator Bob Worsley                (602)-926-5760           bworsley@azleg.gov
  • Senator Michele Reagan           (602)-926-5828           mreagan@azleg.gov
  • Senator Robert Meza                (602)-926-3425           rmeza@azleg.gov
  • Senator David Farnsworth        (602)-926-3020           dfarnsworth@azleg.gov
  • Senator Steve Farley                 (602)-926-3022           sfarley@azleg.gov
  • Senator Olivia Cajero-Bedford   (602)-926-5835           ocajerobedford@azleg.gov

–HB 2260, otherwise known as the “Small Business Bill of Rights, would require state regulatory agencies to protect certain rights of small businesses and inform people of these rights. It has passed out of the House and already is double-assigned in the Senate, to both the Senate Government and Environment Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee. Please contact the following members of both committees and encourage them to support this important reform!

Senate Government and Environment:

  • Chairwoman Gail Griffin              (602)-926-5895    ggriffin@azleg.gov
  • Sen. Judy Burges                        (602)-926-5861     jburges@azleg.gov
  • Sen. Chester Crandell                 (602)-926-5409     ccrandell@azleg.gov
  • Sen. Kelli Ward                            (602)-926-4138     kward@azleg.gov
  • Sen. Carlyle Begay                      (602)-926-5862     cbegay@azleg.gov
  • Sen. Steve Farley                        (602)-926-3022     sfarley@azleg.gov
  • Sen. Katie Hobbs                         (602)-926-5325     khobbs@azleg.gov
Senate Appropriations:
  • Chairman Don Shooter               (602)-926-4139           dshooter@azleg.gov
  • Senator Rick Murphy                   (602)-926-4444           rmurphy@azleg.gov
  • Senator Kelli Ward                       (602)-926-4138           kward@azleg.gov
  • Senator Anna Tovar                     (602)-926-3392           atovar@azleg.gov
  • Senator Lynne Pancrazi              (602)-926-3004           lpancrazi@azleg.gov
  • Senator Al Melvin                          (602)-926-4326           amelvin@azleg.gov
  • Senator Gail Griffin                       (602)-926-5895           ggriffin@azleg.gov
  • Senator Chester Crandell            (602)-926-5409           ccrandell@azleg.gov
  • Senator Olivia Cajero-Bedford     (602)-926-5835           ocajerobedford@azleg.gov
Your help as citizen lobbyists will be instrumental in getting these bills passed. And there is plenty more action to take, so please visit our Action Center HERE to take action on our other priority bills!
Many thanks,
Bill Fathauer
Director of External Affairs
Americans for Prosperity-Arizona