Legislative Alert: Monday, May 19

May 16, 2014 by AFP

Monday’s legislative agenda encapsulates much of what is wrong with Trenton. A slew of bad bills are up before various committees which are harmful to ratepayers and taxpayers, from bad housing and energy policy, to corporate welfare, to a tax on e-cigarettes.

Senate Environment and Energy (Committee Room 10, 3rd Floor, 10AM)

  • S1513: A bill to effectively ban drilling for oil and natural gas off New Jersey’s coast
  • S1714: Creates Office of Clean Energy in BPU. Further’s the State’s misguided goals of increasing our reliance on unreliable and more expensive “renewable” energy sources like wind and solar.
  • S1794: Directs installation of electric vehicle charging stations at service areas on State’s toll roads. Another misguided effort to “steer” motorists toward purchasing electric vehicles.

Senate Community and Urban Affairs (Committee Room 1, First Floor, 11AM)

  • S597: Requires that certain motor vehicle surcharge revenues be dedicated to the Special Needs Housing Trust Fund. AFP opposes the original surcharges, but diverting the excess revenues away from the General Fund is very imprudent given the State’s fiscal crises.
  • S2081: Creates Foreclosure Prevention and Neighborhood Stabilization Revolving Trust Fund; places temporary surcharge on mortgage foreclosure complaints. Instead of allowing our housing sector to flush out and gain stable footing, the State continues the types of intervention that led to the housing crisis in the first place.

Senate Budget and Appropriations (Committee Room 4, First Floor, 1PM)

  • S779-“Garden State Jobs and Digital Media Jobs Act” and S1952-“Economic Opportunity Act of 2014, Part II”: Corporate welfare tax breaks for Big Hollywood.

Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens (Committee Room 1, First Floor, 11AM)

  • S1867: Tax on E-Cigarettes