Landrieu on EPA Regs: Claims vs. Reality

Jun 10, 2014 by AFP

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana chapter of Americans for Prosperity is urging Senator Landrieu to exhaust every possible avenue in keeping the EPA’s new power plant regulations from hurting Louisiana families whose budgets are already stretched. While Landrieu held a photo op at a coal-powered plant Pointe Coupee Parish on Monday, her actions suggest she’s doing little to stop the regulations from taking effect (see background below). 

“If Senator Landrieu opposes the EPA regulations so strongly, why hasn’t she done more to stop them? She claims she supports legislation to block the EPA’s authority in this area, but sat by as Harry Reid blocked it. Landrieu took a pass on signing a letter asking the White House to reconsider, a letter 41 other supporters of affordable, abundant energy signed. Louisiana families already are stretching their budgets; they need Senator Landrieu to level with them or start working on getting them relief from regulations like these.” 

While Landrieu says she opposes the new job-killing regulations, her actions tell a different story:

LANDRIEU CLAIM: She’s “not a fan” of the regulations “and she wants Louisiana voters to know it.” The National Journal says Landrieu “hates Obama’s global-warming rule.” (Clare Foran, “Mary Landrieu Hates Obama’s Global-Warming Rule, National Journal, 6/2/14).
REALITY: Senator Landrieu did not sign a letter from 41 other senators asking President Obama to withdraw the new regulatory proposal. (Press Release, The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, 6/4/14).

LANDRIEU CLAIM: “I think members of Congress should set energy policy, not unelected bureaucrats, whether they’re from a Democratic administration or a Republican administration,’ said Landrieu.” (Julia O’Donoghue, “Mary Landrieu criticizes Barack Obama again for his plan to cut carbon emissions,” The Times-Picayune, 6/9/14).
REALITY: Senator Landrieu says she can’t do much to keep the regulations from advancing. “‘Most of that jurisdictionis in the [Environment and Public Works Committee], not the Energy Committee,’ Landrieu told reporters when asked if she’d use her perch on Senate Energy to push back against the rules.” (Laura Barron-Lopez, Landrieu admits Energy gavel may have limits,” 6/4/14).

LANDRIEU CLAIM: She supports efforts to kill the regulations: “‘Well, Sen. McConnell (R-Ky.) is trying to block the rule, I think I’ve signed onto that effort,’ Landrieu told The Hill.” (Laura Barron-Lopez, “Landrieu admits Energy gavel may have limits,” The Hill, 6/4/14).
REALITY: Senator Landrieu stood by while Leader Reid blocked efforts by Minority Leader McConnell from passing the Coal Country Protection Act. (Ramsey Cox, Reid blocks McConnell’s bill on EPA rule,” The Hill, 6/4/14).