Kay Hagan Still Not Answering for ObamaCare

Mar 26, 2014 by AFP

Attacking Messenger Rather than Listening to Families Suffering from ObamaCare

RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina is waiting on Senator Kay Hagan to finally answer to her constituents for her defense of the President’s health care law. Instead, Senator Hagan has decided to attack Americans for Prosperity and its members for asking her to listen to women like Sheila Salter and the more than 470,000 other North Carolinians who have had their plans cancelled.

“North Carolinians are facing cancelled plans and higher premiums because of ObamaCare, but Kay Hagan can only think of politics as usual,” explained AFP-NC state director John Dudley. “Rather than explaining her votes and continued support for the disastrous, UnAffordable Care Act, Kay Hagan just wants to silence the messengers of bad news. She’s willing to take the time to insult the private citizens who draw attention to the broken law, but she can’t give a simple response to our question: why, Kay Hagan? Why do you support this broken law?”

Americans for Prosperity has been the leading opponent of the ObamaCare law from day one and continues to hold Congress accountable and build public awareness about the impact of the law on the American people.

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