Kansas Tax Dollars Saved By Opposing Obamacare

Jun 27, 2014 by AFP

Opposition to Obamacare is worth every penny. With new raw data coming in about enrollment numbers and spending it appears that Kansas was right in choosing to reject federal money to set up its own insurance exchange.

The federal exchange is much more efficient when it comes to a per-person cost, so having a Kansas exchange really doesn’t make sense. The federal government spent roughly $1,300 for each of the 57,000 people in Kansas who signed up for Obamacare through the federal exchange.

States on the other hand have been outspending that, by a lot in some cases. Hawaii had the highest per-person rate for a state based exchange at $23,899. That was an extreme outlier, but states like Kentucky spend $3,060 per person and Oregon spent $4,436 per person.

The federal exchange averaged $922, per enrollee.

States that opted out of creating a state exchange were greatly rewarded for their choices. Taxpayer dollars that Kansas didn’t have to spend, were not wasted on an overly expensive exchange. Michigan, Virginia, Alabama and Kansas all chose to rely on the federal exchange and they all spent a minimal amount of money on promoting the exchange, whereas states with their own exchanges spent much more.

Kansas was right in rejecting a $31 million grant to set up a state exchange. Obamacare clearly isn’t making things easier for the states, and its costly nature is not helping anyone.