Kansas Issues This Week: School Choice

Jan 23, 2014 by AFP

Next week, Jan. 26 – Feb. 1, is National School Choice Week, where school choice advocates celebrate existing programs and promote the concept in areas without school choice.

Education is the largest single item in most state budgets and while funding has grown faster than student enrollment, research has shown that more funding has not improved student performance.  In spite of the fact that American spends more than most industrialized countries, our student performance doesn’t reflect that.  We believe it’s time to re-think how we deliver education and empower all parents with school choice.

School choice empowers families. Education should be child-centered, not institution-centered. Free-market and consumer-driven reforms will have a positive impact on the nation’s schools, student outcomes and parental satisfaction in their children’s education.

Look for more information on this issue as AFP and AFP Foundation recognize National School Choice Week starting Jan. 26!