It’s time to stand up for Arkansas

Jun 4, 2014 by AFP

With these new EPA regulations, it’s no wonder Arkansans are beyond fed up with an over reaching President and the Environmental Protection Agency (AKA: another broken bureaucratic mess of offices). They aren’t just trying to control our private property and how cool we keep our houses in August. Now President Obama and his cronies at the EPA want to place further regulations on the energy sector. In turn, we could see our energy prices sky rocket, manufacturers board up their windows, and businesses forced to pay even higher costs to stay open.

It’s time the madness ends. Most of the Arkansas Congressional delegation has spoken out against this new move from the President. But Senator Pryor hasn’t. Why? Is a Washington, DC agenda more important than how this will affect every single Arkansan? Tell Senator Pryor it’s time to stand up for Arkansas.