IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Georgia Stands Against ObamaCare Rally

Feb 13, 2014 by AFP

“Rally to Declare A Stand Against the Affordable Care Act & Support House Bill 707”

ATLANTA – Americans For Prosperity Georgia, the state’s premiere organization for economic freedom, will host the “Georgia Stands Against ObamaCare Rally” in conjunction with Georgians For Health Care Freedom and other free market grassroots activists. The rally will be held to assert Georgia’s on-going stand against ObamaCare and support for House Bill 707 – the ACA Non- Compliance Act. HB 707 states that Georgia will not use any state resources to implement the disastrous federal law, we will NOT set up a state run health insurance exchange and we will not allow the federal government to use our own quasi-government state entities to establish navigator enrollment programs in Georgia and defiance of our own state’s sovereign wishes.

Speakers at the rally include State Attorney General Sam Olens, State Representatives Jason Spencer and State Representative Scott Turner, State Senator Judson Hill, Carolyn Cosby of Georgians For Health Care Freedom, Americans For Prosperity Georgia’s Joel Aaron Foster, North Georgia Tea Party Alliance’s Jack Smith, the Georgia Tea Party’s Jim Jess, Docs4PatientCare’s Dr. Brian Hill, Julianne Thompson of Capitol Coalition of Conservative Leaders and individuals impacted by the new health care law.

When: Monday, February 17th, 11:30am-12:30pm
Where: Georgia State Capitol Steps (Washington Street side)

“The Affordable Care Act has been disastrous for Georgians, causing premiums around the state to shoot up dramatically and causing many Georgians to lose their previous insurance. All this, despite the President’s promise that ‘if you like your plan, you can keep,’ says AFP Communications Director Joel Aaron Foster.

“The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says ObamaCare will mean 2.1 million fewer jobs by 2021. Now, ObamaCare is trying to force Georgia to use our own state resources to implement the law. HB 707 is the legislation that says, ‘Enough is enough!’ It’s time to stand against ObamaCare’s disastrous affects on Georgia citizens.”

For more information or interview requests contact Joel Aaron Foster at 770-315-4304 or

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